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  • We don’t want AI writers in the newsroom, say humans
    by Siôn Geschwindt on 17/06/2024

    Most news readers from the UK and US are uncomfortable with AI-generated journalism, an extensive new survey has revealed. Like most journalists these days, I use AI sometimes — to help me transcribe an interview or summarise a text. But I have long opposed using AI to generate content. AI simply cannot be trusted to report the news. Researchers have shown that even the most advanced large language models (LLMs) can “hallucinate” incorrect information. Many display clear bias.     My stance is clear, and it looks as if news readers concur. Only 23% of US respondents and 10% of those in…This story continues at The Next Web

  • TNW Conference 2024: A spotlight on the EU’s space ambitions
    by Andrea Hak on 17/06/2024

    As we count down to TNW conference in Amsterdam on June 20 and 21, we’re previewing the sessions that we’re most excited about. This year, we’re seeing the EU take several big leaps toward building a stronger and more competitive future in space. In an ambitious step towards greater autonomy, the EU issued a call for bids to develop its own constellation of communications satellites, dubbed IRIS². This €6 billion ($6.6 billion) project is aimed at curbing the bloc’s dependence on SpaceX’s Starlink satellite system after Elon Musk blocked Ukrainian forces from using its services in 2022. The interesting thing…This story continues at The Next Web

  • An AI artist has exposed our broken food system — and a way to fix it
    by Thomas Macaulay on 14/06/2024

    This article features an interview with Jeroen van der Most, who is speaking at TNW Conference on June 20. Check out the full event schedule here. The generative AI boom is a double-edged sword for artists. On one side, the tech threatens to replace the future jobs of human creators, while exploiting their old work as training data without compensation. On the other edge of blade, AI is providing artists with empowering new tools. For Jeroen van der Most, they also empower his latest subject: vegetables. The Dutchman a pioneer of AI art. His portfolio stretches back way before the current text-to-image…This story continues at The Next Web

  • 4 innovations to spur Europe’s energy transition — and cut reliance on China
    by Siôn Geschwindt on 14/06/2024

    Clean energy production from sources like nuclear, wind, and solar reached record levels in 2023, meeting over two-thirds of the EU’s electricity demand.  Despite the progress, the Union must prioritise investments in innovative clean technologies that reduce its reliance on China, warns a new report by the EU’s Institute for Security Studies.  Europe is notoriously dependent on China and other foreign powers for supplies of everything from solar panels and batteries to semiconductors.   But where exactly should the EU put its money? “While the list of promising technologies that should merit greater attention is endless, limited resources call for prioritisation,”…This story continues at The Next Web

  • This week in Dutch tech: TNW Conference edition
    by Ioanna Lykiardopoulou on 14/06/2024

    Friday is finally here and so is this week’s round-up of tech news from the Netherlands! With less than seven days to go for TNW Conference in Amsterdam on June 20 and 21, this roundup comes with a twist: our editorial team’s picks of the event’s unmissable speakers and talks!  But before we get to that, let’s dive into the news. News Highlights Amsterdam suspends shared cargo ebike service Cargoroo over ‘failed questionnaire’ (TNW) Report: The Netherlands is the leading startup ecosystem in the EU (TNW) Dutch home-building platform lands €1.1M to help solve housing crisis (TNW) The Netherlands invests €13M…This story continues at The Next Web

  • Highview Power secures £300M to build UK’s first liquid air battery
    by Siôn Geschwindt on 14/06/2024

    UK scaleup Highview Power has secured £300mn to build a liquid air storage plant in Manchester.  The UK government’s Infrastructure Bank led the funding round. Investment bank Goldman Sachs, British energy firm Centrica, and mining giant Rio Tinto also took part. The investment acts as a stamp of approval for an emerging technology that could help wean the country off dirty sources of baseload power like gas and coal. “We have to explore new, innovative ways to store energy so we have electricity available when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine,” said Chris O’Shea, group chief executive…This story continues at The Next Web