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  • Inside Finland’s state-of-the-art quantum computing hardware ecosystem
    by Linnea Ahlgren on 19/02/2024

    In 1965, cryogenics pioneer Olli V. Lounasmaa set up the Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL) at what is now Aalto University to research ultra-low temperature physics. Despite some initial scepticism because “why would anyone want to research cold in Finland,” the LTL has prospered, attracting researchers from all over the world — and laying the foundation for Finland’s leading quantum computing startup ecosystem.  Quantum computing has long been the stuff of dreams. Arthur C. Clarke’s statement from the 1970s that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” has never felt truer than when trying to wrap one’s head around phenomena…This story continues at The Next Web

  • Why no one knows quite when a descending satellite will hit Earth this week
    by Thomas Macaulay on 19/02/2024

    A satellite will hurtle down to Earth this week and no one knows quite when or where it’s going to land — but there’s no need to worry. In the space sector, this is standard operating procedure.  The satellite in question is the European Space Agency’s ERS-2. Launched in 1995, the spacecraft set new standards for Earth observation. It was also an extremely durable machine. Despite an original mission life of just three years, ERS-2 made it to the ripe old age of 15 before its operations were terminated in 2011.  Although the satellite was still functioning nominally, ESA initiated a…This story continues at The Next Web

  • EU to fine Apple €500M amid big tech smackdown
    by Siôn Geschwindt on 19/02/2024

    The European Union is set to fine Apple €500mn for allegedly elbowing out competitors to its music streaming business, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter.   EU officials first started investigating the matter in 2019, following a complaint for Spotify. The Swedish company claimed it was made to ramp up its monthly subscription to cover the 30% fee Apple charges to operate on its App Store. This would force it to charge more for its service than Apple Music.   “In recent years, Apple has introduced rules to the App Store that purposely limit choice…This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Apple

  • We tested the world’s cleanest snowmobile — and it goes like a rocket
    by Siôn Geschwindt on 18/02/2024

    With the flip of a switch, the snowmobile springs to life andlaunches me at lightning speed through the fresh white powder ahead. Soon I am gliding across a frozen lake in Swedish Lapland like a speedboat on water.  Mindful not to get carried away, I loop back toward the starting point, engaging the brakes just before the treeline. The sled skids to a halt. The hum of its electric motor instantly replaced by the eery quiet of the Arctic.    “You feel so much more in tune with your environment when you don’t hear the sound of an engine and…This story continues at The Next Web

  • How antitrust cases against tech giants could reshape the digital advertising landscape
    by Vitaly Gerko on 17/02/2024

    The digital advertising landscape in Europe is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by antitrust cases against tech giants, new regulations like the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, and the rise of emerging players. This change promises to regulate competition concerns, manage consumer protection, and handle the responsibilities of digital platforms in the advertising ecosystem. European antitrust actions: a regulatory landscape In 2023, the European Union introduced two landmark regulations, the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA), reshaping the online world. The DSA empowers users to flag illegal content and demand greater transparency from tech…This story continues at The Next Web

  • 3 ways businesses should prepare for the AI transformation
    by Ioanna Lykiardopoulou on 16/02/2024

    AI might be ready to disrupt how businesses operate, but businesess aren’t ready for the AI transformation. According to Cisco’s AI Readiness Index for 2023, only 14% of businesses across the globe are prepared to leverage and deploy artificial intelligence. European companies in particular also struggle to train their employees on AI use and develop a clear strategy for responsible AI. “At the moment, businesses aren’t well-equipped to deal with AI,” David Shrier tells TNW. “It’s not going as fast as it should.” Shrier is a futurist and leads venture studio Visionary Futures LLC, which supports companies in their growth…This story continues at The Next Web