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  • MSI, yeni Gaming ve Creator serisini CES 2022’de görücüye çıkardı
    on 13/01/2022

    12.Nesil Intel Core H serisi işlemciler ve GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU’ya kadar grafik işlemciyle donatılan ödül sahibi laptoplar “Gameverse” sanal etkinliğinde tanıtıldı.

  • Instagram kullanıcılarını engellemeye yönelik yasaklama saldırılarına dair ipuçları
    on 13/01/2022

    Kaspersky uyarıyor: Popüler bir blog işletiyorsanız ve işletmenizi Instagram üzerinden tanıtıyorsanız, hesabınızın yasaklanacağını hesaba katmıyor olabilirsiniz. Ancak kötü niyetli kişiler ve siber saldırganlar, profilinizin engellenmesi için bu işi para karşılığı hizmet olarak sunuyorlar. Tutar satıcıya ve takipçi sayısına göre değişiyor.

  • Oppo Reno 6 incelemesi
    on 13/01/2022

    Oppo telefon modellerine bir yenisi daha eklendi. Reno serisine yeni bir üye daha eklendi. Türkiye’de de satışta olan Oppo Reno 6, şirketin Türkiye pazarındaki en güçlü modellerinden biri ve özel bir ilgiyi sonuna kadar hak ediyor. Bu telefon, kullanıcısının seveceği pek çok özelliğe sahip. Özellikle de kamera performansıyla iddialı bulduğum model, yapay zeka portre uzmanını cebimize taşıyor.

  • Taş devri teknolojisi
    on 13/01/2022

    İklim değişikliğiyle mücadelenin yolu teknolojiden geçiyor. Teknolojinin temelini ise bakır, lityum, kobalt ve nikel gibi madenler oluşturuyor. 2040’a kadar bu madenlere olan talebin 6 kat artması bekleniyor. Uzmanlar, dünyanın ihtiyacı olan temiz enerjinin madenler üzerine inşa edileceğini söylüyor.

  • How Web3 and DAOs can be a blessing for the music industry
    by Joan Westenberg on 13/01/2022

    The music industry is changing. Revenue from recorded music sales has been evolving for over a decade through streaming, and the trend shows no sign of reversing. Although as a macro trend the accessibility of streaming is positive, it offers a revenue pool that is less accessible to undiscovered, underground, and niche artists without a full-scale team behind them. This problem is not unique to the music industry; it is symptomatic of a more significant trend towards disintermediation, in which consumers are increasingly getting their content and services directly from technology layer providers, and seldomly from sources closer to the…This story continues at The Next Web

  • Apple might replace the notch with a cut-out — here’s what it should look like
    by Callum Booth on 13/01/2022

    I don’t know what to believe anymore. After the MacBook Pro was launched with a notch, it appeared that Apple was doubling down on the design feature. Effectively, the notch was now an integral part of Apple’s brand identity. But that might actually be wrong. They lied to us. According to recent leaks, it looks as though the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro range will do away with the notch and replace it with a “pill-shaped” cut out. If you’re asking what the hell that would look like, here’s a useful guide: Mocked up what a potential iPhone 14 Pro with…This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Apple

  • Astronomers may have witnessed the birth of a black hole
    by The Conversation on 13/01/2022

    Astronomers are increasingly drawing back the curtains on black holes. In the past few years, we have finally captured actual photos of these fearsome creatures and measured the gravitational waves – ripples in spacetime – that they create when colliding. But there’s still a lot we don’t know about black holes. One of the biggest enigmas is exactly how they form in the first place. My colleagues and I now believe we have observed this process, providing some of the best indications yet of exactly what happens when a black hole forms. Our results are published in two papers in…This story continues at The Next Web

  • Dropbox now has a native app for M1 Macs, with improved performance
    by Ivan Mehta on 13/01/2022

    Update (January 13, 2022): Dropbox has finally released a native version for Apple’s ARM-based Macs and MacBooks. This version will have better performance than Intel-based software running on an emulator. You can download it here. Given their performance and power, it’s natural to be lured by Apple’s new lineup of ARM-based MacBooks. I made the switch to the M1-powered Air earlier this year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you might be eyeing the Pro with the M1X processor — despite the notch. When your favorite applications support the native ARM architecture, the laptops are an absolute dream…This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Dropbox

  • This new graphene-based battery can stop EVs from bursting into flames
    by Ioanna Lykiardopoulou on 13/01/2022

    Lithium-ion batteries have transformed the EV industry, but they don’t come without their disadvantages. You know, like the fact they sometimes cause EVs to burst into flames and explode. LA startup Nanotech Energy claims to have found a way to eliminate this concern once and for all: a fireproof, graphene-based lithium-ion battery. And if this battery can do what it’s promised, we’re talking about a true game changer. Nanotech Energy’s proprietary battery (Credit: Nanotech Energy) What is graphene? Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms, with a bunch of remarkable physical properties: it’s ultrathin, incredibly strong, superconductive, and cheap.  It was…This story continues at The Next Web

  • How a couple of ex-Googlers are trying to fix what’s wrong with search engines
    by Ivan Mehta on 13/01/2022

    There’s no doubt that for most folks on the internet, search is synonymous with Google. However, there’s a small yet growing audience that wants a privacy-first search experience with little or no ads. That’s where Neeva comes in. This new search engine from ex-Googlers, Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, guarantees two things: an ad-free experience and advanced features for all its customers. What’s on offer? The company launched last year with a subscription-only model. This cost $4.95 per month. Now it’s trying to expand its footprint with a free tier. It will offer ad-free search with customizations, and integration to accounts such as Gmail,…This story continues at The Next Web

  • Xiaomi 11T ve Xiaomi 11T Pro
    on 13/01/2022

    Xiaomi 11T ve Xiaomi 11T Pro İnceleme : Xiaomi'nin 2 amiral gemisi Xiaomi 11T ve Xiaomi 11T Pro'yu tüm özellikleriyle değerlendirdik, performans analizini yaptık ve birbiriyle karşılaştırdık! İşte A'dan Z'ye Xiaomi 11T ve Xiaomi 11T Pro!

  • Xbox Oyuncuları, PC Oyuncularının Halo Infinite Hilelerinden Şikayetçi!
    on 13/01/2022

    Halo Infinite'nin PC ve Xbox oyuncularına çapraz platform oynama imkanı sunması sorun oldu. Xbox oyuncuları, PC oyuncularının yaptığı hilelerden şikayetçi!

  • Türk Telekom'dan Enerjide Yıllık 31 Milyon Kilowatt Saat Tasarruf
    on 13/01/2022

    Türk Telekom; dijital dönüşüm, tasarruf ve verimlilik projeleriyle, sabit ve mobil şebekede toplam elektrik tüketimini düşürerek yıllık ortalama 31 milyon kilowatt saat (kWh) enerji tasarrufu sağladı. Türk Telekom böylece, yılda ortalama 15 bin ton karbon emisyonunu engelledi.